This 3 Minute Read Can Save Your 300 Hours

I Was Into My “Me Time”. I Was Struggling To Manage My Time & Productivity. I Asked Myself How Can I Save My Time & Stay On The Track. After Thinking About 10–15 Minutes I Came Up With 3 Simple Questions & It Has Literally Changed Everything. Here’s How I’ve Applied It & How You Can Too.

1: What I’m Going To Do (For Clarity Purpose).

Let Us Take An Example.Suppose, You’ve Picked Up Your Mobile Phone & You Don’t Even Know What You Are Going To Do. Then,You’ll End Up Wasting Your 3 Precious Hours. So Here Is The Solution, Everytime You Pick Up Your Mobile Phone Ask Yourself This Simple Question What I’m Going To Do. I Would Like You To Encourage My Friend Please Apply This & See It’s Magical Benefits.

2:Why I Want To Do This Specific Thing?

After Having The Answer Of First Question I Would Move On To 2nd Question. Why I Want To Do This Specific Thing. Let Us Take An Example. Suppose You’ve Taken Your Mobile Phone & Asked 1st Question To Yourself What I’m Going To Do. And, You’ve Answered That I’m Going To Open Medium (That’s Great). Now, Ask Yourself 2nd Question Why? You Will Tell Yourself I Want To See What Sagar Janva Has Documented (That’s Great Too).

3:Is It Important To Do Now?

Here’s The Last & Final Question You Need To Ask. Is It Important To Do Now? Let’s Say You’ve Gone Through 2 Questions Now Is The Right Time To Ask This Question. Is It Important To Hear What Sagar Janva Has To Say (It’s Upto You My Friend).

One More Thing

If You’ve Got Yes To All Of Your Question Then Congrats & Do The Task. If You’ve Got No In One Of Them You Know There’s Something More Important Than That.

Hey Guys, If You’ve Got Some Value From This Story/Blog Whatever You Say Then Would Love To Hear Your Feedback. Have A Great Day.

Here To Document My Journey.