This is one of the best advice i’ve ever got on twitter from Nik Sharma. In this blog i’m going to share how it has helped me & how it can help you too.

Before 3–4 months ago i was planning to start a very small side hustle. I decided to start it & called one of my friend- Hey, I Want to start this can you help me ? He said “I can help you in the product part only you’ve to figure out distribution by yourself ”. I said “sure i will figure out it.”

Then, i thought…

I was that guy who will plan everything before starting anything. Will give lots of thoughts ,plan things but things weren’t going that way.

Here’s the story what happened with me a week ago. I was planning to launch my service & i have given my thoughts to the thing where i’m going to market this. Then, i came to a conclusion that discord server will be the best place because i was part of that discord server from 7–8 months. I created my pitch & then sent it to my friend (who’s obviously a good copywriter than me). Then…

As i’m writing this i’ve a copy of the book besides me. Before, I jump on to the lessons would love to share the story how this book has impacted my life.Before reading this book i wasn’t saving money at all i was just like spending money on unnecessary things. After reading this book i became more conscious about my savings & it gave me freedom to start the things i always wanted. To be honest if i haven’t read this thing i don’t think i would have been able to do things that i’m doing now.

Let’s start here’s…

Whenever steve jobs starts any presentation he will give clear picture to the audience what they’re going to get.

  • Passion is everything

Watch any of steve’s video one thing that is common is his passion towards the thing he is talking about.

This is one of the best line i’ve ever heard“You Cannot inspire unless you’re inspired yourself”

  • Passion is contagious

Please take pen,paper & ask yourself what you’re truly passionate about. Write it down & talk about it.

  • Ask Yourself this when you’re building brand message

What you’re truly passionate about & create your brand message around that.

  • Big…

I Was Into My “Me Time”. I Was Struggling To Manage My Time & Productivity. I Asked Myself How Can I Save My Time & Stay On The Track. After Thinking About 10–15 Minutes I Came Up With 3 Simple Questions & It Has Literally Changed Everything. Here’s How I’ve Applied It & How You Can Too.

1: What I’m Going To Do (For Clarity Purpose).

Let Us Take An Example.Suppose, You’ve Picked Up Your Mobile Phone & You Don’t Even Know What You Are Going To Do. Then,You’ll End Up Wasting Your 3 Precious Hours. So Here Is The Solution, Everytime You Pick Up Your Mobile Phone Ask…

Hey Medium Readers,

First Let I Introduce Myself. My Name Is Sagar Janva. Currently, I’m Pursuing My B.E In Information Technology. To Be Honest I Don’t Like To Code That’s Why I’ve Tried/Trying Different Things Like Digital Marketing , E-commerce, Photography And Obviously Writing.

How I Got Idea Of Documenting My Journey?

Here Is The Story Behind This Documentation. I Was Going To The Hospital. While, I Was Driving Suddenly One Thought Stroke Into My Mind That What I’m Doing With My Life. Then My Mind Got Flooded With Lots Of Questions & At The Same Time I Was Getting…

Sagar Janva

Here To Document My Journey.

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